steps for assisting your vision

Sight testing

Our optometric procedures represent truly deluxe eye care, which most optical stores will be unable to provide for you.


Glasses, Contact Lenses, Accessories

In our optical stores you will find glasses of many famous brands. We will take care of your needs for perfect vision.


Contact Lenses

Their application, including training in the application of the lenses. Regular checks are provided for our clients free of charge.



 The most accurate means of centering spectacle lenses by means of the RV TERMINAL device

The accurate assessment of the focal centres in glasses is the foundation for your sharp vision.

RV Terminal – a digital device that assesses:

The exact location of your pupils in your new frames

The distance of the corneas from the spectacle lenses

The deflection of the frames

The inclination of the spectacle frames in relation to your face

If this kind of data is not measured, it will lead to a reduced level of optical perfection and thereby to a lower quality of vision.